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Monday, December 12, 2011

Metal Gear Solid - Where Do We Go From Here

Shadow Moses. Big Shell. The Boss. Big Boss. Solid Snake. Solidius. Big Mama. Liquid. Sniper Wolf. Psycho Mantis. The End. The Fury. FOXHOUND. Drebin. La-Lei-Lu-Lei-Lo. The Patriots. Cambell. The DARPA Chief. Master Miller. The Virtuous Mission. Ocelot.  Sunny and her catchy tune. Naomi. Raiden. Fortune. Fatman. Vulcan Raven. Otacon.  EVA. Mei Ling. Frank Jaeger. Olga. The Philosopher's Legacy.... FoxDie.

These characters and concepts all hold a place near and dear to longtime (albeit recent.... it goes even further back involving systems I seldom touched) fans of the Metal Gear Solid series, and with the HD remake of Metal Gear Solid 2, Snake Eater, and Peace Walker being released, it touches a nostalgic note with those of us that can still remember where to find this weapon and that easter egg, or how to navigate this situation or evade that problem, and provides a VERY shaky and unstable entry point to those interested in the series as well.... but with word that Metal Gear Solid: Rising switched hands to the creators of Vanquish (which was a awesome game might I add) and was DEAD ON ARRIVAL prior to them even getting it, its raises two things. One - what direction is Metal Gear Solid going to take if there will be future titles carrying the Metal Gear name? And two - What the hell is Kojima doing? Are they going to take a approach of scrapping the 50+ year story we've grown to (finally) understand and instead turn "Tactical Espionage Action" into a hybrid Bayonetta - Splinter Cell (pre-conviction) mashup?  (had to say Bayonetta cause its Raiden for crying out loud... all thanks to the person all those years ago that said they didn't want to play with a grizzled old man or something like that via fan mail. That emo pretty boy Raiden was the result... thanks lady -_-)

Or can we actually hope that Hideo will wake up and realize that any and all Metal Gear Solid entries should rest in his hands and his hands alone?  Change isn't always good, and it was ridiculous and a slap in the face to THIS fan (and maybe some others) to see Metal Gear Solid go in the direction it was heading prior to this recent turn of events.

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